Achel: The brewery formerly known as Trappist

On the 19th of January 2021 Belgian Smaak posed the challenge on Twitter of listing the Belgian Trappist breweries from 1-6 in order of preference. Among the questions over the criteria for the list (were they to rate specific beers or breweries as a whole) and arguments for honorary inclusion of Abbey-style breweries (such asContinue reading “Achel: The brewery formerly known as Trappist”

Stemless Allegra Glass: Gram Glam or #propervaseware ?

Glassware has always been something of a battle in our house. Floz has been on a mission since his late teens to collect the appropriate glass for each of his favourite Belgian breweries; that coupled with nearly a decade of beer festivals, gifts and bar jobs has left our cupboards groaning under the weight ofContinue reading “Stemless Allegra Glass: Gram Glam or #propervaseware ?”