The story of this podcast is in many ways a story of our relationship.

The year was 2007, and somewhere between the completion of Wembley stadium and a world altering financial crash, the stars aligned, and the intelligent but misunderstood bad-boy Florean Hodgkinson finally agreed to enter into a relationship with the distinctly odd , goody-two-shoes known then as Marianne Stone. At the humble age of 16, our young heroine had yet to be lured to the dark side of binge drinking (which was the style at the time). She was, however, intruiged by our hero’s choice of beverage, which came in varyingly styled glass bottles with vibrant branding and which she came to understand was known as “real ale”. Our hero began to procure these drinks for them to share, and as their friends necked cans of whatever mass produced lager happened to be on offer in the local Co-op, the young couple worked there way through many now ubiquitous ale brands.

From 2009 our heroes were now old enough to drink in pubs, which opened their drinking world up significantly. In this year they moved from their home town of Nottingham to Bristol to study at University, and while their contemporaries chose clubbing and £1 a pint nights at the SU bar, our heroes found themselves drawn away from the bright lights, down dark cobbled streets, into dingy (and questionably aromatic) pubs. The only rule for choosing an evenings drinking spot was that the ale was well kept and the pool table reasonably priced.

Our heroes graduated and were married in 2012, and at the age of 21 were ready to take their first independent steps into the job market. With good degrees in the arts , there was only one natural option: bar work.

This was an exciting time to be involved in the beer industry, as craft beer was taking off in a big way. Having always sought out new and exciting beers to drink, our young couple thrived in this industry and soon rose through the ranks to the level of bar manager in what where at the time two very well respected craft beer bars in Bristol.

Now unfortunately the bar life takes its toll, with late nights, long hours and terrible diets . The natural progression for our hero was to move from serving to making, and upon his second application he was finally accepted into a brewing position. Our herione decided to move out of the service industry in pursuit of a normal circadian rhythm. But their passion for the beer continued, and after several years of talking about it, in 2020 they finally got down to it and created their first child: a podcast about beer.

The Hosts

Florean Hodgkinson
Marianne Hodgkinson


Floz is a head brewer and qualified beer judge , who has been drinking beer for a lot longer than he should have been. He is the co-host of the podcast and the font of all beer knowledge.


Maz has experience as a bar manager and in brewery admin. Although not currently in the beer industry, she often finds herself swept away on beer adventures with her husband. She is the organised one who along with co hosting the podcast, records and edits the podcast, manages the social media accounts and manages the website.

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